United States of America

Los Angeles

2010-09: We visited Universal Studios in Hollywood and stayed at the tangerine hotel. Its a clean, quiet and adequate motel with a drink machine out the front.



The Capri at Siesta

We stayed at the Capri at Siesta near the end of 2011. It is a quiet motel setup, nice and clean, and walking distance to the beach. There is a shared swimming pool for all hotels in the area.

Everglades National Park

Everglades is a huge national park with alligators and other wildlife.

Shark Valley

2011-12-30. Entrance fee cost isosts 5 USD per adult. You can reenter various Everglades parks for 7 days. The park can be quite busy. There are bicycles for hire but they were all taken when we got there. must get there early if you want to ride! Instead we booked a tram tour and did a short walk close to the visitor centre.

Sanibel Island

Blue Giraffe

Blue Giraffe is a casual restaurant.

2011-12-29. It was a long day so we decided to fill up on lots of food.

manatee table

Each table has a picture. Ours had a manatee painting

oily biscuit

Biscuits in the US could refer to a very oily bread.

chicken wings

Chicken wings. $9.95

grouper dinner

Grilled grouper. $19.95

gulf shrimp delight

Gulf shrimp delight. $18.95


2013-08-10. We had lobster rolls here for $21. They were delicious.


Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

We drove there on 2012-01-29 and had to pay $6 per adult for parking for the day.