Transferring Money

Sending money between countries

I need to send money between the United Kingdom and Australia. The commissions and costs can be quite high.

Foreign Exchangers

Tranzfers offers exchanges between AUD, CAB, EUR, GBP, HKD, NZD, PLN, SGD, ZAR, SEK. Notably missing is USD. You have to provide details such as a scans of a bank statement, passport and drivers license.

Interactive Brokers

This is a broker I use for stock trading. The forex contract are atdecent rates (+1 to normal pip spread). 2.50 USD fee per transaction.

To deposit into my HSBC AUD bank account, I had to use SWIFT, and had to pay 10 AUD.


Rates on 2008-01-22

The spot rate is between 22400 to 22772, it has been going up thoughout the day.


To transfer 1000 GBP, with the sender paying charges. Costs will be: 9 GBP for the charge. Exchange rate is 2.2372, which gives 2237.20 AUD.

Rate quoted is 2248.80, which gives 2248.80 AUD. Fee is 7 GBP. This is cheaper.


I'd like to routinely transfer money between my accounts in Australia and the United Kingdom. Here is a list of providers I've tried so far.


I hold an online savings account in AUS.

HSBC Transfers - AUD to GBP

Value Date Fees Conversion Rate
2007-03-30 20 AUD (aus end) and 8 GBP (London end) 2.4631
2007-04-02 20 AUD (aus end) and 8 GBP (London end) 2.4634
2007-04-03 20 AUD (aus end) and 8 GBP (London end) 2.4609