London transport

Underground - Tube

This is one set of trains and stations connected by subways. The map they give isn't to scale and of course train tracks aren't placed at 45 degree angle increments only. They were having some signal trouble the other day, but trains still come every few minutes.

You can get to Heathrow airport on the Tube.


Fairly frequent. Depending on the route, it can be every 10 mins or a few minutes. I have been using buses to have a look a places and to get a feel for the neighbourhoods.

Overland - Trains

I went on this once accidentally.


Most expensive, but if you want to get somewhere these are fast.

A cab from Kentish Town to Leceister Square is around ?12


This city is very cycle friendly and a lot of routes are cycle marked with blue signposts.

Oyster Card

Buy one at the station (3 pound deposit), and put some money on it. You can use your credit card to do this.

It is quicker and cheaper to do this than to pay cash each time. It is similar to the octopus cards in Hong Kong.

For the Tube you will have to punch in and out at the turnstyles.

For buses you punch in only. The cost is the same for every journey. There is a maximum daily cap on fares paid, so sometimes when you punch in it won't deduct any more money from your card

Weekly zoned passes may be cheaper, but remember that offpeak singlesc are cheaper than onpeak singles. So do the sums before purchasing. You can purchase the weekly pass via the ticket machine using cash or your credit card, and put it onto the oyster. You can also purchase it days earlier than yfrom when you want to use it. e.g. On Saturday you can buy a weekly that will start on Monday. No more queues!!

You can register your oyster online.

True tube map

Below is a tube map with proper scale. Sometimes is faster to walk between tube stations.

true tube map