Pay As You Go Car Hire

There's a few providers to pick from. Zipcar, streetcar, citycarclub, Hertz 24/7. I've only used Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7

2013-09-26. I went into the office at Russell Square to try and sign up in person, but was told I'd have to do it online. Instead I registered online via my phone. I received an email requesting a scan of my licence (and counterpart). In the evening I sent that off in a .zip.

2013-09-27. The said they couldn't open it, so I sent them plain JPGs of them. Soon after I got another email saying I had to call them. So did that, verified my credit card and licence over the phone. DVLA also joined to call to verify my details. The electronic fob should now be posted to me within a week. If it doesn't arrive I can always go into the office and get one there.

This is not just UK based. I should be able to use the fob in other countries.


To pick up the rental car book it online first.

Once confirmed, you can approach the car and use the electronic fob against the sensor in the bottom right of the windshield to open the door.

Check for keys in the driver's side door pocket, and look for parking pass, and fuel card in the sun visor

There is a little computer on the dashboard too. Answer questions about existing damage before you start. You can also cancel or extend your booking from there.

For refueling, you have to call them up, and they'll provide you with a pin code for the fuel card.

2013-10-05. There's an automatic Kia in Barbican and one near Kentish Town West. In the car I drove on 2013-10-05, only BP service stations were accepted. The limit was ?30. It also costs 25p per mile travelled during the booking. The hourly fee (max 8 hrs per 24 hrs, after which it is capped), was ?5.50. They email you a nice PDF invoice at the end of the booking.