London is a huge city. The sunset and sunrise times can vary a lot! It is the start of December and sunset is around 4pm.

I suffer from hay fever here, look at the pollen count before going outside!

London grocery supermarkets

There's heaps of convenience stores and pubs, but of course they will be more expensive.

There a bigger chain supermarkets - Iceland, Asda, Morrisons, Somerfield, Tesco, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose. I've listed these in rough order of expensiveness. The big chains have 'local' or 'express' branches which are smaller and I assume items will cost more. The supermarkets here brand their own products, instead of selling a well known brand. e.g. you might be only able ot find a Marks and Sparks tomato sauce in M & S. and Heinz will be missing!


Pret a Manger

Provides fresh natural sandwiches and soup. They accept American Express as payment. A sandwich will cost less than ?5. If you eat in they will add VAT to your bill. They have lots of outlets throughout London.