SGD - Singaporean Dollar.

During June 2015, GBP.SGD is roughly 2.00


Jumbo Seafood Gallery

There are a couple of branches forJumbo Seafood Restaurant, we tried the one at Riverwalk on 2009-10-03.

You can choose between different size dishes of prawns.

Item Price
1.1K chilli crab 44 SGD
Prawn w Cereal 18 SGD
8 Mini Buns - Steamed 4 SGD
Honey Dew drink 3.80 SGD
Sour Sop drink 3.80 SGD
2 Tea 2.40 SGD
Peanuts 1.20 SGD
subtotal 77.20 SGD
service charge 7.72 SGD
GST 7% 4.95 SGD
Total 90.86 SGD
Cereal prawns Cereal prawns. Chilli crab Chilli crab.

On 2012-09-16 we went back to the Jumbo at Riverwalk. The chilli crab was still great, and cost $52.

Town, The Fullerton Hotel

2012-09-17. We were too full to eat a buffet so opted to al a carte instead. The laksa was great and the bak kut teh was very peppery. Drinks costs quite a bit in comparison with the food.

Item Price
draft Tiger beer 18.00
Laksa 24.00
Bak Kut Teh 23.00
Coffee 12.00 each

Mirana Cake House, Raffles Place

Mirana Cake House is where we pick up pineapple tarts when we go through Singapore. On 2012-Sep-17 these costs 15 SGD per box.

Bengawan Solo, Airport Terminal 3

On our way out of Singapore I usually buy some peanut cookies and maybe pineapple tarts.

On 2012-09-17 this costs $16.80 for peanut cookies and $18.80 for pineapple tarts.

On 2013-08-25, a peanut tin costs $17.80

The only shop is near the checkin counters, so buy it before going through security.

Commune Cafe

2013-08-25. Commune Cafe is on the top floor of Millenia Walk. They serve Gibraltars here for $4.50. This is the right type of drink for me. It was hard to find seating so we had this while standing. 2015-06 seating is easier to find during the day.

Prima Taste, Changi Airport

If we have time I usually grab a laksa here. They also sell boxes so you can cook it at home. I like the laksa as it only has natural ingredients.

2015-06-14 this shop is gone.

Bee Cheng Hiang

This sells square sweet barbecued meat. On 2013-08-22, each slice was around 3 SGD.

Singapore Zoo

We visited here on 16-Oct-2010. It costs 18 SGD per adult. Their most interesting animal is the proboscus monkeys. I also enjoyed the tropical crop garden.

11-Oct-2011 Stop over

On our way back to London we stopped over in Singapore. Our transfer flight gave us a few hours so we decided to get out of the airport.

You can leave luggage at the Left Luggage counter at the airport. Getting out and in is easy, you will have to go through immigration. Remember to keep your boarding pass and passport.

We took a taxi to East Coast and ate that Long Beach for dinner.

Black Pepper Crab @ Long Beach

Here's our bill for 11-Oct-2011

Item Price
2 Towels 0.60
2 Teas 1.80
Peanuts 1.00
Sri Lanka Crab - Black Pepper 50.60
Specialty Prawns 19.00
Chinese Spinach with Garlic 10.00
2 Plain Rice 2.00
Sub Total 85.00
10% service charge, and 7% GST 100.05
black pepper crab at Long Beach

Black Pepper Crab at Long Beach. It is a Sri Lankan crab.

me eating a black pepper crab claw

Me eating a black pepper crab claw.

cereal prawns at Long Beach

Specialty prawns at Long Beach.


Jurong Bird Park


Singapore Zoo

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an awesome place with 2 biomes with various plant life. It is a welcome break from the hot and humid outdoors.

It costs money to go into each of the conservatories. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest both take about 45 mins each.

Golden Village cinemas - Suntec City

Golden Village in Suntec City mall is close to the Pan Pacific Singapore. On 2015-06-15 we saw Jurassic World for SGD 12.50


Pan Pacific Singapore

We try to stay at the Pan Pacific Singapore. They have a nice pool and massage spa. If we're departing on a late night flight, we go for a swim and shower before leaving. They allow it even if you've already checked out earlier in the day.


2015-05-28: I bought a PAYG Singtel sim (hi! tourist) from a mobile phone store for SGD 15. After purchase you can buy a pack online for data. The pack I used was $7 for 1G data that expires in 7 days. A passport is required to purchase the sim in store.

Changi Airport

Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo has pineapple tarts and peanut cookies. There are shops before and after security.

Food Street

Located in terminal 3, you must prepurchase a card and deposit money on, and refund it when you are done eating.

2015-06-14: Laksa (stall 3) for $7.50 is quite large. You get some cockles too.

2015-06-14: Buk kut teh set (stall 2) for $11.50 is ok. It is very peppery.

Satay By The Bay

This is an outdoor foodcourt.

2015-06-13: I like the stingray (stall 05) for $15 medium size.

2015-06-13: and chicken wings (stall 18) for $1.50 per wing.