Morocoo is a Muslim country and relatively liberal.

French is commonly spoken, the word for Morocco is 'Maroc', hence their country code of "ma".

Their currency is MAD. A lot of shops will also accept EUR.


This is where we stayed in our holiday for Christmas 2010.


Muslims do not drink alcohol, but as a tourist you'll still be able to find some in restaurants, albeit expensively.

Le Foundouk

Le Foundouk is a nice restaurant just north of the souks. We ate there on 2011-01-01. It has a nice door. If you didn't book, like us, they could still find space for you up in the terrace. Its nice up there, they provided gas heaters as it was quite cold at night.

Le Foundouk begging cat Cat begging for food while we ate dinner at Le Foundouk.

I had rabbit for the first time. I'd seen some for sale in the markets and wondered whether they were for pets or for eating. Probably eating. It tastes like chicken but the bone structure is different.

Item Cost (MAD)
Casablanca (Beer) 45
Morroquito 85
Harira - vegatable and beef soup. I also got some prunes and sweet pastry with this. 65
Tomato Soup 75
Lotte (monkfish) tagine 175
Lapin (rabbit) tagine 150
Sidi Ali (bottled water) 20
creme brulee 90
spiced poached pear 60
Total 765

Le Foundouk - Monkfish tagine Monkfish tagine at Le Foundouk

Le Foundouk - Spiced Poached Pear Spiced Poached Pear @ Le Foundouk. It is a non dairy dessert.


There is a Cinema Museum there. It only costs 30 MAD to get in. We were the only people there when we visisted.