Large box #2

1 x french baguette backing tray

DVD Writer SH-S193 black

Telephone with power and phone line cable.

DVD Writer SH-16A7S white (lite-on)

5m cat 6 network cable

1m cat 5 network cable

2 x small humane mousetrap

Sealey digital vernier calliper AK962EV

Oven lamp 15w

dyson vacuum accessories

2x Plemo humane mouse trap

2 x EU mains to computer power cable.

UK mains to computer power cable with 13A fuse

UK mains to computer power cable with 5A fuse

2 x VGA male to VGA male cable.

3 x ADSL phone filter

Mini SAS external cable (SFF-8088 to SFF-8088), 0.5 m

UK to AUS mains power adapter

AUS mains power double adapter

2 x HDD cardboard packaging