Miscellaneous unsorted stuff

Medium Box #1 Cabling and Computer

4 minute hourglass timer.

case fan extension cable

male Molex 8981 to fan power

male Molex 8981 to no tabs 2 x fan power

Sky Microfilter phone filter

USB adapter for logitech headset A-5572A

Medium box #3

charger for Sony ericsson

2 x ear piece set for Sony ericsson

My old Sony ericsson phone

oven light bulb

USB mouse

Mushroom knife

62mm camera lens filter case

Hoya 62mm camera lens polarising. Circular PL

Spectacles (glasses) repair kit

3 x 3.5" to 2.5" HDD trays

small green joby tripod

foreign coins - SGD

Medium box #4

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age: Origins collector's edition

Life and Planet Earth BBC

Zoo badges

Stationery box

red packets



PCI-E graphics card.. ati 1300 xt radeon

CPU: 1 Processor(s) Installed. [01]: x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2400 Mhz Intel E6600 Core2Duo 2.40GHz


M/B: 965P-DQ6. Supports Intel® Core?2 Extreme Quad-Core / Core?2 Duo processor


SSD: 240GB OCZ Agility 3. AGT325SAT3240G It cost £112.39 ex vat on 2012-06-27. Installed on 2012-07-01

RAM: 4x2G Corsair DDR XMS2-6400 5-5-5-18. TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600


M/B: GA-X79-UP4

CPU: 4930K

RAM: 4x8GB VENG PRO 1866

PSU: Corsair RM750 750W Gold

Graphics: 4GB GByte GTX770 OC Rev.2

Case: Aerocool EN58124 X-Predator G

CPU Fan: NH-U14S Noctua


Gear cable

2012-04-28. My gear cable had snapped.

I ordered the wrong item! I bought brake cables (instead of gear cables). 2 x Fibrax FCB1101 Universal PTFE Coated Brake Cable Inner cost £1.45 each, with £1.00 postage & packaging. This was purchased from UK Bike Store via Amazon.

I'll keep these, and have put in another order for gear cables.

The end that go into the shifters have different.. blobs at the end.

2012-05-02. gear cables received. 2 x Fibrax FCG1101 Universal PTFE Coated Gear Inner Wire cost ?1.75 each, with ?1.00 postage & packaging. This was also from UK Bike Store on Amazon.


2012-04-25. I ordered a bunch of items from cleaning-online via Amazon, which is really Muc-Off limited.

Item Price ex VAT
500ml bike spray aerosol £5.82
pink muc-off 1 litre spray £6.24
X1 Muc-Off Chain Cleaner £16.66
water soluble de-greaser 500ml aerosol £4.99

I like all the items. The bike spray makes everything look new again. Next time I will get some non-aerosol de-greaser for use with the Chain Cleaner.


Tap - aerator


We bought a Miracle Tap Sprayer, but it doesn't attach to our tap because it hasn't got any threads that you can screw it onto.

S1 adapter?

Changing light switch

2013-09-17. I replaced one of the light switches in the communcal corridor with a new time delay switch from Newlec, code NL8310TL. Our old Elkay pneumatic switches keep getting stuck or they have fallen out. Only a flat head screw driver is required. Double check that the mains power is off before starting work.

Changing a bath tap

2013-10-13. Isolation valves can be turned using a screw driver. They can stop the flow of water when turned 90 degrees.

Connecting pipes can be done using a compression connection. This uses a nut, olive, and pipe. Use PTFE tape around the thread in the direction of the screw. Don't overtighten as the pipe can be damaged.

Changing electricity socket

Two pieces needed to install a wall socket. A backing box and a front socket. There seems to be a standard size and comes it 'gang' multiples.

2017-10-06. From Screwfix I used a "Appleby 1-Gang 35mm Dry Lining Box", which can fix itself to the wall without screws, it has a plastic clips. The "MK 13A 1-Gang DP Switched Plug Socket White" did the job, screws are included.


There are 3 wires for AC.

  1. Live (L) Brown (old red)
  2. Neutral (N) Blue (old black)
  3. Earth (E) Yellow/Green


Areca Palm

Temperature should be between 18-22 degrees centigrade. Water very 3-4 days. Add fertilizer every 30 days. Shade. Do not immerse base in water. Do not eat


purely envelopes are ok.

Ryman plastics sleeves are ok.