I'm not sure where the best place in London is to buy them.

I have a bunch of DVDs left in Sydney. This is our London list only

Title Catalog UPC Date Price
Dororo ( imdb ) DCN0105 9200708000105
Twin Peaks The First Season DVD5312 9324915053120
Great Pretenders not proper not proper 2007-05-15 USD 9.99
Death Note KDVD 2223 4897005022238 2007-08-10 USD 17.99
Death Note: the Last Name KDVD 2401 4897005024010 2007-08-10 USD 17.99
Frugal Game 6100 4895024934655 2007-08-10 0


I've left most of my books in Sydney and have to build up my collection again.

Title Author ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Date acquired Price Review
Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software (Hardcover) Eric Evans 0321125215 9780321125217 2007-11-13 £18.99
Java Persistence with Hibernate (Paperback) Christian Bauer 1932394885 9781932394887 2007-11-13 £21.50
Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code (Object Technology) (Hardcover) Martin Fowler 0201485672 9780201485677 2007-11-13 £22.79
Java Concurrency in Practice (Paperback) Brian Goetz 0321349601 9780321349606 2007-11-13 £14.49
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management (Paperback) Roger Lowenstein 9781841155043 2007-11-13 £5.99
Trading in the Zone (Hardcover) Mark Douglas 0735201447 9780735201446 2007-11-13 £23.99 This book is about trading psychology. It assumes you already have a system (you know when to buy sell) to return consistent results, and it tries to teach you to make objective decisions. If you really have such a system then why wouldn't you program/automate it instead?? I guess that it is what quant funds do.
Programming Pearls Second Edition (ACM Press) (Paperback) Jon Bentley 0-201-65788-0 9780201657883 2010-04-10 £17.59 This book are rather low level, with examples given in C. Included are sections on search algorithms, data structures, sorting algorithms and performance. I doubt I will need to write something so low level these days as most of work is now business related.
A Country Is Not A Company Paul Krugman 987-1-4221-3340-8 2011-08-07 £3.97 Small paperback essay - part of the Harvard Business Review classics. He describes closed and open systems and how business people will not see the big picture.


Television, the drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation


Here's a list of shows I'm watching

Breaking Bad


Walter White (Malcolm in the Middle dat) has a demeaning life as a chemistry teacher. He finds out he has a terminal illness, and becomes a meth cook by teaming up with Jesse Pinkman, a dealer, after watching his operation become busted. They rent a RV and cook in the desert. Jesse's two dangerous acquaintences come after them, but Walter tricks and knocks them out with a gas explosion.


Jesse doesn't dispose of the body correctly, the acid ate through his house after he ignored Walter's advice about using a HDPE bucket. The other is still alive and locked in Jesse's basement.


Walter ends up murdering the last dealer after trying to find reasons not to.


Walter tells his family he has cancer and they begin looking for treatment. jesse requests Walter work with him again but Walter declines. Jesse visits his parents but gets kicked out again.


Jesse tries to start work, but ends up cooking again with a helper, but his helper is more unreliable and unstable than he is and their final product is poor. Walter undergoes a family intervention (painful scene to watch) and decides to undergo cancer therapy in the end, but insists on paying for it himself so asks Jesse to team up again.


They start making more but have problems distributing. They try to sell to Tuco but Jesse gets beaten up, Walter comes in a makes an explosion and scares them into a deal. Walter's chemo starts and he shaves his head. His brother in law DEA agent finds the gas mask and traces it back to the school, and eventually arrests the janitor instead.


They begin to sell to Tuco. Instead of using pseudoephedrine which takes too long to acquire, they steal some other chemical instead. Tuco seems a bit unstable.


Tuco ends up killing his associate at the meet. Walter and Jesse buy a gun because they are scared. Skyler (walter's wife) is under a lot of stress with her kleptomaniac sister.

At then of the episode, Tuco kidnaps Jesse and Walter.


Jesse and Walter are driven to a old house in the desert and kept captive by Tuco. Tuco is trying to force them to move to Mexico to manufacture drugs. Hank appears and kills Tuco in the end. Walter and Jesse flee, and Hank doesn't know they were there.


Walter and Jesse have to make up stories to get back to town. Jesse pretends he was shacked up with his junkie girlfriend, while Walter claims to have amnesia.


Jesse loses his home, his parents reclaimed it. Walter's family begins to distrust him.


Back in business, Jesse begins distribution using his mates. One gets robbed and loses $1000, Walter suggests Jesse punishes his mate.


Jesse goes after the junkies but they are such as mess and have a kid in the house. They bicker and one kills another. Walter's lie about receiving payment for his cancer from his ex colleagues is found out.


Jesse begins wider distribution after a rumour that he murdered someone that stole from him gets out. Hank's new team in Mexico is rocked by an explosion.


Badger (one of Jesse's smaller dealers) is caught and busted. Saul the criminal lawyer character is introduced, a patsy supplier is busted as Heisenberg (Walter's alias) to help Badger walk.


Walter persuads Jesse to cancel an outing with his girlfriend and instead cook more. They become stranded in the desert after a flat battery but eventually make it back by making a battery from parts. Walter finds out that he is in remission.


Walter is becoming a bit more threatening. He forces his kid to drink (he is only 16), and begins to do workaround the house. He spots a rival cook and threatens them.


Walter meets with a big distributor who runs a bunch of chicken shops. He finally agrees to buy the whole lot of 1.2m. Jesse takes heroin with his girlfriend and is too sleepy to help.


Jesse's share is $480K, but Walter wants to withhold the amount until he is off the heroin. His girlfriend makes Jesse demand his share. Walter gives it to them, but comes back, and witnesses the girlfriend die in a pool of vomit. He doesn't help but he had the chance.


Saul's helper gets Jesse and helps Walter place him in rehab. Skyler leaves home after confronting Walter about his lies, and Jesse's girlfriend's father goes back to work as a air traffic controller, but causes a midair collision between two planes. Pollos offers Walter 3M for 3 months. Two mexicans make their way up to America, murdering people along the way.


Walter is kicked out of home, and confesses to his wife, Skyler, he is a meth dealer. She is digusted and wants a divorce, but agrees to keep quiet. Jesse finishes rehab.


Jesse buys his parents house after Saul knocks down the price by threatening to sue for not disclosing a previous meth lab existance. Walter is still locked out of this house and throws his peace pizza onto his roof. He breaks into shower at his house, the two mexicans are called off by Pollos who has people watching the house. The father of Tuco sent the two mexicans.


We learn how tortuga died, at the hands of the two mexican hitmen. Walter has to clean up his pizza. He calls Skyler's bluff and moves into his house. Skyler sleeps with her boss and tells Walter. Jesse starts cooking again. Hank is acting weird and getting into trouble, he doesn't seem to want to go back to Mexico. Pollos convinces the two mexicans and their bosses to hold off getting their revenge on Walter.


Jesse sells a batch via Saul, Walter is surprised when he is given half the cash. Maybe this is a ploy to get them cooking together again. Walter attempts to confront Skyler's boss and loses his job as a teacher. Hank passes his opportunity to go to El Paso, and concentrates on investigating RVs after catching a break at the petrol station.


Hank discovers that Combo (deceased) sourced the caravan. Pollos offers Walter a job to work 3 months or 3 million, with a state of the lab. Walter wants to go solo and excludes Jesse.


Walter starts working for Pollos, where he meets a fellow professional chemist. Jesse is being tracked by Hank who is looking for the RV. Hank corners them inside the RV but Walter calls Saul who tricks Hank into thinking his wife was in an accident, giving them enough time to salvage the RV. Pollos convinces the two hitmen to go after Hank instead.


Infuriated, Hank goes to Jesse's house and hospitalises him. Walter ends up firing Gale and hiring Jesse to keep him from pressing charges. The two hitmen catch up to Hank but fail to kill him.


Jesse is discharged from hospital and witnesses Hank admitted in critical condition. One of the hitmen is also hospitalised. Walter stays by his family's side waiting for Hank to recover. Pollos visits and has the fixer kill the remaining hitman. Pollos also calls a hit on the Mexican side.


Walter and Jesse begin large scale production. Jesse begins to steal a portion of the meth to sell with his friends. Skyler and Walter offer to pay for Hank's therapy.


A fly enters the laboratory and Walter insists on removing it before working. Jesse thinks Walter is going crazy. Walter also warns Jesse not to skim any meth from the lab.


Walter must find a way to launder his money to pay for Hank's treatment. Skyler offers to help. Jesse finds out which drug dealers killed his friend.


Jesse requests Walter make ricin to kill the drug dealers, but Walter tells Pollos the plan as the dealers are part of the same network. Jesse is forced to agree to a truce, and Pollos tells the dealers that using kids is off limits. The kid is later killed, and Jesse attempts to confront the dealers. Walter drives into the dealers and kills them.


Nice season ending. Jesse goes into hiding, Walter negotiates and is able to continue cooking. Gale is reinstated as Walter's assistant. Walter finds out that Gale is meant to replace him, Jesse is forced to kill Gale.

Hank discharges himself and moves back home. He still cannot walk.


Jesse and Walter are held hostage at the lab until Pollos comes in and kills his assistant who thinks he can cook.


Walter buys a gun with the intent of murdering Pollos. He doesn't get very far. Jesse turns to partying at his house to cope. Hanks buys more minerals for his collection.


Hank gets a hold of the lab notes from Gale's apartment while Marie is caught stealing from home open days. Walter and Skyler buy the car wash by pretending the environment is toxic. Jesse's home is full of junkies.


Walter and Skyler spin a lie that the money was won from gambling. Walter knows Hank is investigating, Jesse is increasingly reckless and is taken away.


Jesse saves Mike at a drop, but this was all planned by Gus (Pollo). Hank nearly gives us but Walter, drunk, goads him into continuing his investigation.


Walter becomes suspicous of Jesse's extra activities. Jesse helps investigate stolen meth with Mike. Walter gets the keys to the car wash, buy his son a nice car, but Skyler forces him to return it.


Walter and Skyler begin to launder money at the car wash but Walter brings in too much cash. Walter convinces Jesse to kill Pollos with ricin the next time opportunity arises. Hank is suspicious of Pollos, gets Gus's fingerprints and find that they match prints in Gale's apartment.


Hank's suspicions about Gus and not shared by the DEA, so he investigates by himself and makes Walter plant a bug on Gus's car. Walter readily admits this to Gus.


Walter and Jesse come to blows after he finds out Jesse has met with Gus but didn't kill him. Hank declares he will visit the Pollos factory. The cartel wants half of the business and Gus asks Jesse to meet the cartel and share the recipe with them.


Skyler anonymously gives her boss enough money to pay off the IRS via Saul, but her boss is too stubborn and she has to tell her it came from her. Pollos, Mike and Jesse visit the cartel to share methods on how to cook meth. Pollos poisons the boss (as revenge) and they escape.


Skyler hires Saul to make Berneke (her boss) forcibly pay the IRS. Jesse forces Gus to agree to fire Walter instead of killing him. Hank wants to investigate the laundrymat, he is getting closer. Gus wants to kill him, so Walter asks Saul to make an annonymous tip that the cartel is after Hank.


Walter's family (minus Walter), and Hank's family go under policy protection. Hank convinces Gomez to investigate the laundrymat, he finds nothing. Jesse's girlfriend's son is poisoned and admitted to the ICU. Jesse initially suspects Walter, but they decide to go after Pollos instead.


Jesse is questions by police about his claim about ricin. Walter convinces Hector to visit the DEA (Hector doesn't tell them anything), so Pollos thinks there might be a problem. Gus visits Hector in hospital, who suicide bombs. Gus is dead. Walter and Jesse blow up the lab. They are free. We find out that Walter poisoned the kid with a plant.


We see a flash forward of Walter buying heavy arms.

They forgot the security footage on the laptop, Mike, Jesse and Walter destroy the evidence in the police evidence room by using a huge magnet in a trunk. Beneke is in hospital and agrees to do what Skyler wanted.


German business executive associate of Madrigal, who worked with Pollos, kills himself. The DEA come after others that are involved. Walter, Jesse and Mike agree to team up and start again.


They begin cooking in houses that are undergoing fumigation.

Walter is upset with the final share per cook.


Skyler has a breakdown and wades into the pool. Jesse tries to pick up more melaline from Mike's contact but the barrel has already been tapped.


They heist methylamine from a train, their helper kills the child witness.


DEA is following Mike, so he wants out. Jesse also wants out, so the setup a sale of the methlamine. Walter stubbornly wants to keep cooking.


DEA catches up with Mike, they also get his lawyer that pays off his previous guys. Jesse wants out so Walter begins to train another guy. Walter kills Mike as he tries to leave it all behind.


Walter puts a hit out on all of Mike's guys that are already in jail. Lydia teams up with Walter and distributes meth to the Czech Republic. Skyler shows Walter that they have more money than they know what to do with, and they stop. Walter gives Jesse some cash even though he already quit.

At a family gathering, Hank becomes suspicious after find a poetry book with dedication from Gale in Walter's toilet.


We see a flashforward of Walter visiting his derelict house. Walter gives Jesse money but Jesse can't bring himself to take it. He throws it poor neighbourhood houses. Hank begins investigating Walter, and is finally confronted by Walter after finding a tracking device. Walter's cancer has now returned.


Hank and Marie know, while Walter and Skyler won't admit to anything damning. Walter hides the money in the desert. Lydia installs Todd as the new cook as quality went downhill after Walter retired. Jesse is pulled in for questioning.


Walter makes a fake confession video implicating Hank (even though Hank is innocent). Hank can't make his suspicions public. Jesse is encouraged to leave town, but decides to stay and pour gasoline on Walter's house.


Jesse is nabbed by Hank before we burns the house down. Walter thinks that Jesse changed his mind. Hank tries to use Jesse to get Walter caught on tape but fails. Walter asks Todd's uncle to help track down Jesse.


Todd's cooking is not up to standard and they ask Walter to tutor another round of cooking as payment. Hank tricks Walter to driving out to where he buried his money. Walter, Gomez and Jesse confront Walter, but Todd's hitmen also arrive. A shootout ensues.


Hank and Gomez are killed by Todd's hitmen. Jesse is captured and forced to cook with Todd. Walter is given one barrel and free to go.

Hank had phoned Marie on the presumption he had capture Walter. Marie tells Skyler and Flynn about Walter, they can't handle it and Walter disappears.


Walter is secretly transferred to a cabin in New Hampshire. Saul is also out. Jesse is enslaved and continues to cook for Todd.

Jesse's escape fails and Todd kills Andrea (Jesse's girlfriend) as punishment.

Walter tries to send money back via his son who won't have any of it. Walter sees Gretchen on TV dissing his contribution to their company.


We see the flashback again. Walter comes back to town and says goodbye to his wife and baby. He kills Todd's gang and Jesse is freed.

Crime Scene Investigation

I am watching the original series, based in Las Vegas.

Need to watch s05 e01 onwards.

The Wire

Midway through series 1

ayt? plenty of black guys speak so its hard to understand sometimes. Its kinda funny but more painful watching how stupid and incompetent the detectives/cops are.


Alien abduction UFO series. Each episode moves forward 10 years so its hard to keep track of the characters. Currently watching season 1.



During 2008 September I will watch all the of TV series.

Its 2009 February. we're onto the last season. Mulder doesn't appear anymore.

It is a shame Mulder left.

black mirror


boyfriend dies, amd girlfriend Martha uses a grieving app which resurrects an dead person's online persona. It can chat and even do voice calls based on AI training with media history.

Martha is hooked and upgrades to the beta android version. The boyfriend's name is Ash (like from Alien). She has to setup the android in the bathtub and let it grow.

While the online chat and voice was ok, android Ash still has a lot behaviour to learn but has nothing to learn from, leading to some awkward moments.

We find out that she kept her baby and the Ash kept in the attic.


Groundhog day punishment television show. A little far-fetched but amusing nevertheless. It could work if criminals lose all their human rights.


Waldo is a blue foul mouthed cartoon character that runs in a local byelection, collecting the disenfranchised vote.



Introduced to Brian whose sister is killed. His background is special ops


Brian tries to get back into things but is mentally unstable due to grief. A senator is apparently murdered and he joins a team to investigate. They solve the case and he is gradually being accepted to the team.


Pharaceutical whistleblower has his daughter kidnapped and rescued.


Off to Switzerland to rob a bank.

Recurring story of people after Mediah continues, they spot him near a shipping container.


Extract from St. Petersburg.