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Energy is spent to do actions, and this replenishes up to 15. Any bonus energy can take you over 15 energy, but it will not replenish.

The currencies involved are Simoleons, Social Points, Lifetime Points and SimCash.

Simoleons are earned by performing actions on objects. e.g. cooking.

Social Points are earned by interacting with other Sims. You can visit your friends on perform social actions on them.

Lifetime Points are earned by skilling up on cooking, art (painting), music or writing. There are other special skills such as haunted easel skill or decorate xmas tree skill than can also earn you Lifetime Points. Lifetime Points can be spent on traits for you sim. e.g. my sim is a Slob and green clouds appear around her.

SimCash is available for purchasing using real money. Every 5 days of consecutive play will earn you some SimCash.

Performance issues

2012-01-01. This game seems to leak memory or at least it takes up a lot of memory. After visiting a few friends the game can slow to a crawl.