Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG. I play this casually and its quite funny.

There is no recurring cost to play, buy the game and register an account under your email address.

Your account is tied to one server which will be based either in US or Europe. After choosing you can (freely) transfer your characters between servers, though there are limits on how frequently this can be done.


Sylvari are dreamy nature lovers.


Travel between maps using Asura Gates.

Divinity's Reach

Connected to Lion's Arch, Queensdale

Kessex Hills

For levels 15 to 25.

Connected to Queensdale

Lion's Arch

This looks like a central waypoint.

Connected to The Grove.


Human start town.

For levels 1 to 17.

Connected to Divinity's Reach

Rata Sum

The Grove