Dragon Age: Origins

Update, 6th January 2012. I've finally finished this main game storyline. Now to try out the DLC.

I'm playing this on PC in 2010

I started again with a rogue so I could open all the chests.

When you talk to the characters in your party you could potentially raise their approval rating. You can give gifts to them, some will appreciated certain gifts more than others.


M: display map. X are NPCs.


I hate selling items. I try and equip items instead of selling them, so wait until you get all characters to join your party. Sometimes if you progress too far you won't be able to find suitable items for new characters.

The crystals can only go on Shale, so keeping one of each type (size, elemental damage) is sufficient.

Glossary of Places and Characters

Some of my notes on the characters and story. Spoiler alert.


Old man giving history lessons in Cousland castle.


West, then North in the Ostagar map

He is a party member.

Look, can we talk for a moment (Redcliff)

on your mind?, bastard, I understand, hiding anything else?, Prince Alistair, Aren't you?

Why did you keep your birthright a secret?

cheap answer, I can understand that, people find out, don't have a choice, no harm done

Can you teach others to be a templar?

I'll respect your word

We'll be heading to Denerim soon

Loghain, wonderful, expecting

Raised in the Chantry

You know what I mean, making fun of me, yes, proper parts, decent rest

Why have you remained a templar

heavy plate, pillow fights, exciting, I understand, not any more, rebuilt

What changes about you after the Joining?

longer, cruel, felt anything, belch, nightmares, bad news, cheery, understand, remembered

What was it like to be a Grey Warden, with all the others?

like to hear, fun, sorry, not at all

I'd like to know your thoughts on some of our travelling companions

juicy gossip, laughing at you, sounds like fun, yes, chance, frightened, we're all killers, miracles, believe, talk about us, connection, good for her, you really don't like, beautiful, dragon, others say, jealous

Tell me about the Grey Wardens


So how did you become a Grey Warden?

funny, skills, pity, good man

Mother's amulet

study, you mean more to him, of course

I want to talk about what happened at Redcliffe

quite well, stop the Blight

That's my sister's house


Goldanna's house

telling the truth, hardly Alistair's fault, find his family, don't need her, sorry

I had another dream about the archdemon

needs to die

You're a true friend. I just wanted to tell you that

in this together

Return to Ostagar. They've left him here to rot

dead, pyre

You made me king

speechless, friends, other way


Prophet that started a religious following.


Queen Anora, daughter of Loghain. Widow to King Cailan

Arl Eamon

At Redcliffe. Uncle of King Cailan. Mysteriously sick and poisoned

Arl Rendon Howe

Old man in castle at the start. His daughter is Delilah and may be interested in me.

He massacred my family in the beginning.


The Bannorn is a place.


Orgrimmar faction leader.

Bodahn Frederick

Vendor dwarf in our camp.


Nug wranger Boermor will accept Nugs that you pick up in Orzammar.


Paragon lost in the deep roads for 2 years.


Helped Brother Burkel open a chantry in Orzammar.


King Cailan is a battle hungry king, in pursuit of glory. Died with Duncan at the battle at the start in Ostagar


He made the Anvil and is Branka's hero. He used to hang out at Ortan Thaig.


They can only quote from the Chant of Light.


Anti mage group.


Child of Isolde and Arl Eamon


The female dwarf who wants to learn magic.


He is a Grey Warden.


King Endrin is dead, a new leader must be found for Orzimmar.


Kingdom where this game is played.


My brother, he will ride with father.


Morrigan's mother, located at the swamp. South on the world map.

Grey Warden

Alistair and I are Grey Wardens. We're fighting darkspawn and the blight.


Lord Harrowmont is a faction is Orzimmar.


Wife of Arm Eamon. Mother of Connor.


Leader of thieves in Orzammar.


Mage that tutored Connor.


Ferry man at lake Calenhad Docks


Ex-chantry rogue.

This vision of yours...

blight, help, left, believe

What was life like in the Chantry cloister?

condescending, ideas

What would someone like you be doing in the Lothering's chantry?


Why did you decide to come to Ferelden?

happy, young

Do you miss anything about Orlais?


You were a traveling minstrel. Do you have tales to share?

Orlais, interesting, coming, tourney, terrible

Fereldan, Morrigan, introduce, beautiful, plot

I heard that in Orlais, minstrels are often spies

long time ago, minstrels, patron, innocent, cloistered

There was another story I wanted to hear.

Dalish, last

Andraste, die, Chantry

I lied to you, you know?

Why?, criminal, loved, opened, bards, treason, betrayed, unpleasant, Ferelden, safe

Stop don't kill him (ambush)

are you insane, No one threatens my friends, your life for information, kill him, Leliana's wrong, I thought you escaped, I won't let anyone harm you, as soon as possible

Haven, rescued Brother Gentivi

I think you should return to Denerim, keep him alive, very well

Andraste's Grace flower gift

kiss, smell

Ambush. Leliana's Past

insane, threatens, information, kill him, Leliana's wrong, escaped, don't worry, asap

I was just thinking about what happened to the elves



Teryn Loghain is a betrayer. He abandoned Duncan and King Cailan.

Mother Mallol

Spiritual in the castle.


Addictive substance traded with dwarves. Used for magic.

Mages' Collective

There is a branch at the Lakes of Calenhad.


Past King. Alistair is his bastard son.


Did you grow up in the Korkari Wilds?

A good response chain is:

probe, unnoticed, daring, quick thinking, upset, glad.

I'd like to discuss something personal

kiss, object

Flemeth's Grimoire

mind, mages, grimoire, useful, dangerous, very well

Tell me... are you really Flemeth's daughter?

stolen, love, now I see, of course, unnecessary.

So life in the Wilds must have been very lonely.

wonderful, Flemeth, child, stronger

Tis cold in my tent, all alone.

can't have that, up to you, stories?, assume, fun, live with that

Black grimoire gift

get a kiss

I have been studying Mother's grimoire

what did you find, disturbed, eats children, are you certain, immortal, must it be a daughter, awful thought, understand, risk sending, another daughter, I'm so sorry, extreme, very well, time limit, serious, I'll see

I have something for you (ring)

vague, sweet gift, anything else, I could find you, glad to see you care, thank you

I notice that you are spending a great deal of time with that girl. The bard.

Leliana, jealous, force me to choose, I want you

Return to Ostagar. They've left him here to rot

wolves, wolves

So Flemeth is dead. What now?



Branka's husband in Tapster's Tavern.

He joins the party later on.

Give me a moment (leaving Orzammar)

everything all right?, take your time

Come to talk, don't know why

wrong, hello

Pull up a drink, Warden. Join me in my sodding hole.

bothering, hello

Are you sure you're fine with what happened with Branka?

not broken up

How do you like the surface?


Do you miss Orzammar?


*drunk* You there! I've been watching you. Where can I get some sauce for that rump roast?

mad dwarven stallion

What is it like to be a warrior in Orzammar?

mean, blunted

*drunk* *joke* Hey warden, she says

spit it out

*drunk* You have a lot of nerve coming here

problem, Hespith

Can you teach me to fight like you do?

berserkers, wife, thinking, fight that way, angry thoughts, goodbye

*drunk* You saw it, tell that thing to give it back

Oghren Time, you need your pants


My nephew. Fergus' and Oriana's kid.


Fergus' wife


Dwarven underground city.


Area with a ruined fort. This is where Loghain abandoned Duncan and Cailan.

Ser Gilmore

Knight at castle Cousland.


Party member who is a Golem.

If you give him weapons and armour of the same elemental type (e.g. 2 fire crystals), he will get a set bonus.

Activate the Golem

stumble, not all, care, bet, name, hand, walk, rampage, personal, darkspawn, it, want, trusted, point, former, bloodthirst, welcome, battering ram, pleased.

Alistair disapproves by -1, but thats ok.

Augmentation Crystals


What's with the heavy sighs?

glad to know you care

It is not much like any of them

super, Highever, we wouldn't want that

I would have expected golems to be different

dirty limericks, different, handy

Are those crystals in your skin?

golems, dwarven, succeed, willing

I'm told you killed your former master

vague, fine as your are, remember, terrible, good rest, mage

How did you end up in Honnleath?

scaring humans, front of the tower, wife, shrink, didn't like this Wilhelm, fortune, before Honnleath, how old are you, done

How did Wilhelm come to acquire you?

don't know why, Wilhelm, dangerous, found you, where in the Deep Roads, move on

You watched the village day and night?

horrid, messy

Shale of Cadash. I find this difficult to believe

difficult, trigger your memory, proof, we can go there

Why did it choose to defy Branka?

you believed in Caradin

You don't seem to like humans much


you're female

made of rock, cuter

This is it, Cadash Thaig


Golem Monument


Sister Justine

Relic hunter for the Chantry. She is located in the Denerim Market District.

Slim Couldry

Fence in Dererim Market District


Joined my party.

What were you doing in that cage?

funny, impossible.

The Blight, how will you end it?

Archdemon, heard, impress you.

You said something earlier about mages?

mages, what sort, evil

What do you mean, your mages are beasts?

fair, figure, evil

You are not quite a callow as I thought

supposed, know, think, let you out, puzzling, simple

Do you find Ferelden very strange?

change, turtle stronger, suppose, let's go

Do you find Ferelden very strange?

Ferelden, cookies, mind, let's go

Do you find Ferelden very strange?

homesick, rotting garbage, let's go

Mages aren't as dangerous as you say

blood magic, point

why you were caged?

a weak mind, Ostagar, dropped, farmers, believe, terrible, accidents, search, anything, darkspawn, find it

What were you quoting earlier?



word with you, kill him, tear his arms off, Dwyn


qunari sword, price, crazy

gift Sten's sword

now, absolutely


Someone is who tasked with hunting mages. The Chantry train the templars.

Teryna Eleanor

My mother.

Teryn Bryce Cousland

My father.. he is going into battle with my brother and leaving me behind to run the castle.

Tower of Ishal

This is at Ostagar


Merchant at the Dalish Camp


Armoursmith at Wade's Emporium in Denerim. He makes drake and dragonscale armour.


rest would be welcome

get some rest, old bones, we still need you.

have you encountered many abominations?

stories, could not falter, unsettling, doubts, humanity

I fell

Are you all right?, you need rest

Wynn's explanation at camp

worried, undead, amazing, make the best of that time

That was interesting (ambush)

summon, kill yourself, control

So tell me, how did you become a Grey Warden?

massacred, jealousy, Grey Warden, strength

What does being a Grey Warden mean to you?

Chosen to do something important, protector, served, confines

You're quite taken with each other

Morrigan, charm, judge, handle, dire, consider

Why did the spirit choose to help you?

demons, evil, lucky, Spirit of Faith, worthy, promise

Is there something we can do to cure you?

sense, afraid, content

Do you have any regrets at all?

feel better, mages treat, talented, better late than never, tower, cruel, Dalish, sacrifice

I was just thinking about being a Grey Warden

back to my old life, ready

Have you heard much about they Grey Wardens of old?

griffons, glorious, go on, griffons, happy endings

As a Grey Warden, I'll never lead a normal life, will I?

blunt, I like my life, upset, moody youth, weak accept their fates, give up a lot, won't be easy

Why didn't you want to stay at the tower?

glad, wanted, sorry

How did you become a mage?

mage, deserved, lucky, terrible, prison, know better

What was life like in the tower


Asking Sarel about Aneirin

where is he

Return to Ostagar. They've left him here to rot

dead, pyre

Thank you so much

Aneirin, glad


Antivan crow that tried to assassinate me, failed, and joined my party.

What does it take to become an assassin?

quite well, useful

Can you teach others to be an assassin?


Why did you want to leave the Crows?

rather, awful, fancy, not at all, happy

Do you actually enjoy being an assassin?

innocent, practical attitude, violence, handsome elf

So tell me about your adventures

Crow, terrible, politics, kill you, didn't actually kill, lucky, lesson

So tell me more about your adventures

fun, prince, Antiva, what, lucky

So tell me more about your adventures


I've a question, if I may

go ahead, ravish, not at all, handsome elf

Tell me a little about Antiva

Ferelden, mother, euphemism, cesspool, home, handsome, unexpected

What is your opinion of the Dalish?

horrible, sorry, again, joy

Have you always been...

attracted to men, reasons, bother

Care to join me in my tent?

in private, find out, damned time, seduced, as before, fine by me

Dalish Gloves

gratitude, welcome

You and Morrigain are quite close

yes, force, sorry

Back Alley encounter with Taliesan

over with, don't listen, good, treasure

The Gauntlet

Brona Dreams
Ealisay A tune
Lady Vaslia Vengeance
Thane Shartan A home
General Maferath Jealousy
Disciple Havard The mountains
Disciple Cathaire Hunger
Archon Hessarian Mercy

south stones, 2, 4, 5 will open the 2 adjacent stones

north stones, 3, 6, 1, 2 will open 1 stone.

2 opens are needed to make the platform solid.


Toxin extract, Deathroot, Elfroot can be purchased from Varathorn.

feast day gifts addon

You can destroy the gifts and buy another copy from Feddic in camp.


Some characters will respond more favourably to certain gifts.

Item Character
Andraste's Grace Leliana
Fancy Scroll Wynne
Legacy White Shear Oghren
Silver Medallion Morrigan