Dragon Age: Inquisition

Press V to scan for items to loot. They will appear on the map.

When looking for quest items, you also need to press V. A ping will sound if the item is in the vacinity.

Potions will top up when you reach a town.

Press T for tactical pause while fighting.



I'm just curious as to your motivation

I'd like us to be closer: slight disapproval

Just being friendly: approval

Suspicious, aren't you?: slight disapproval

Just tell me: no change

The Pentaghasts value their precious blood like it runs with gold

Is that why you left Nevarra?: no change

So you're not on good terms: no change

Others would be thankful: slight disapproval

I became the Right Hand, and they are forgotten.

You're still a hero: no change

Impressive!: no change

Typical of the Chantry: no change

You're delightful: slight approval

What became of the mages?: no change, repeat

It took many years to let go of my drive for vengeance

I understand: slight approval

You blamed all mages?: no change

You didn't let it go: slight disapproval