Diablo III

I've waited a long time for this and it finally arrived on May 15th, 2012! I bought the collector's edition and got some in game angel wings.

It is purely online play, even if you want to play single player. The same character can be used in multi and single player.

There are 3 separate realms to pick from Americas, Europe, Asia. I play on Americas even though I am in the UK.

Blizzard will run their own real money action house, so no need to go to ebay to trade items. This also gives them more incentive to have a stable economy.


Turn on "elective mode" so you can customise your skills. You can pick 6 skills with 4 keyboard shortcuts (1-4) and the 2 mouse buttons.

Monster types

Arcane Enchanted

Arcane Sentries are deployed. They are pink laser rays that will spin. You can usually walk around and avoid these.


I haven't noticed anything here.


Leaves some red lava on the ground. Don't stand around in it.


Frozen orbs appear and exploded after a few seconds. If this is combined with a waller give yourself extra room so you do not get trapped!


More minions appear.

Invulnerable Minion

This means only the boss can be hit. Run away from the lower level minions.


Fire grenades are through by the monsters. Try to stick close, but not too close, as the grenades have a minimum range.

Reflects Damage

You take some damage when you damage the monster.


These monsters will suck you into melee range, keep holding down walk.