Candy Crush Saga

This is a facebook game, available on both native iOS and Android.

2013-05-01. The fishes that appear after you complete a level give different points depending on what device you play it on. If you're consistently getting a low score (e.g. level 183), then switch to iOS, which gives more points that the facebook flash version.

Every 15 levels you'll finish a chapter and reach a gate. 3 facebook friends must respond to your request so you can board the train and continue to the next chapter.

If you run out of lives you can switch devices. I'm playing on iPad and Facebook PC, and the life counter is not synchronized. The level that you are up to is synchronized.

2014-09-17: I am stuck on level 655. Apparently the game mechanics on Facebook (flash) version differs to phone version. The phone version has a vertical stripe suck which destroys more candies near the bottom, making it very random.