Computer games!

I think I'll keep playing forever. Why wouldn't I?

Psychology behind Casual Games


An article in the WSJ about Angry Birds hints at the reasons why people (including me) love short games like this and tetris.

They require no dedication. You don't have to remember the story line, or complex controls like in other games. It is simple to play.

You can pick and up play in short bursts.

They are easily available on mobile devices.

Funny, amusing noises will appeal to people.

Positive reinforcement or encouragement, such as voices saying 'excellent' or graphics showing entry points. I remember this even from counterstrike, where your money would go up after each kill.


This comes with Windows Vista. I played 60 levels on novice and still hadn't died.

Bejeweled Blitz

11 Jun, 2011

I've been playing Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. They've introduced a new Phoenix Prism, which is a wildcard gem, and when exploded it will destroy gems diagonal to it. I'm not sure how many of these gems you can get in one game, they keep reappearing. It is easier to reach the 8x multiplier with this gem. The owl at the end catches a feather and let's you reclaim some of coins. The cost of this Phoenix Prism is an expensive 75000. I also notice the cost of the Moonstones has gone up to 25000 from 10000, which is now the same as Cat Eyes. I prefer Cat Eyes and will not purchase Moonstones at this price.

Mahjong Saga

07 Dec, 2011

This is another Facebook game, similar to memory but with mahjong tiles. My aim is to get a 3 star rating for each map, which can be quite difficult. Each time you complete a map you will be rewarded with coins. You can spend these coins on boosts. There are 4 types of boosts available. For getting a 3 star rating the Time Boost gives you another 15-20s to achieve the 3 star rating.

You are limited to 5 lives which replenish over time.


29 April, 2012

This is now the only daily facebook game I play. It has funny wall posts and cartoon like art. I am impressed technically by the speed of the flash application. The graphics are high quality and the response time is fast.

Tip - summon beasties in a corner

5th July, 2012

You can summon beasties using potions. Since there is a limit to the number of beasties that can randomly appearing during normal play, I summoned 5 of them in the corner of my realm, and left them alone. Now I do not get any more beasties appearing while farming.

Royal Buildings

If you employ the Duke, he will tend once per week. This is more than most of the randoms I get in my kingdom. Below is a list of buildings with the number of crew required. I use this to save up enough crowns to make sure the Duke can be employed for all positions. The Duke demands 8 crowns as payment to fill a position.

Building Crew Required
Barracks 4
French Tower 10
Guard Tower 3
Royal Chateau 12
Royal Inn 5
Royal Garden 12
Royal Spa 8
Unicorn Tower 5
Vault 5
Witch's Tower 7
Wizard's Keep 9