Steak tips

Steak appreciation info at Nothing like a cut of well-hung beef. I prefer medium rare, and am I a currently investigating the different cuts of steak to find my favourite.


I haven't found a fishmonger (that isn't at the markets) so I settle for supermarket fish.

When buying packaged supermarket salmon check for:

  • Skin - I like the skin. If you get skinless and boneless then chances are someone had to manually remove the bones, causing bruising to the meat.
  • Expiry Date - If its tomorrow, then its about to go old and isn't fresh. Pick the newest packet you can find.


I finally got a coffee machine.

There are 2 beans on the markets. Arabica vs Robusta

In the US, you can buy americanos with room or no room. This means room to add milk (or cream) by yourself.

2010-07-09: Our gaggia titanium plus has started leaking water. I opened it and figured out that this was near the steamer and have ordered parts from GAGGIA Service UK. Their email form actually works -- I got a callback from them within a week.

A breve is a coffee made with half and half. Half and half is a type of milk, 12.5% fat.


Steamed Egg Recipe


Eggs and water. Use 1/3 cup per egg.


MKS have the best grapes. Better than Waitrose and Sainsbury.

So far my preference are the seedless ralli variety from Namibia.

Flame seedless from South Africa are next.

Energy Drinks

2010-10-30: Mountain Dew energy. They had a promotion at Westfield the other week and I got a free bottle. It contains 18mg/100ml of caffeine. taste like normal mountain dew to me.

Decafeinated Tea

This always tastes a bit fishy to me. I wonder what kind of process they use to remove caffeine from tea leaves.