ISF - iShares FTSE 100 ETF

Fund perfomance

I have put this into my ISA. From a long term perspective I believe securities will outperform other investments. I don't have enough time to evaluate companies and I am not yet confident, so the core of my UK portfolio will be based around the index.

2007-11-21 I've changed my mind, I'll build the index myself and save on the management fee. Even if it is out of sync with the index it doesn't matter. I still have a 50-50 chance of buying a (relatively) winning share.

TER is 0.40%

The dividend frequency is quarterly.


Lyxor ETFs also runs a FTSE 100 ETF, its code is L100. On 15 May 2007 it introduced 7.86M shares onto the LSE. However there is less liquidity. e.g. on 2nd Aug 2007 only 156 shares where traded, compared to ISF which had nearly 3.488M traded.

Update 2007-09-08: Liquidity doesn't matter, it looks like they maintain the buy/sell spread on the LSE in line with the index.

MER is 0.30%

The dividend frequency is at least half yearly. "Any distributions of income will be made at least twice a year." I don't know if this means quarterly or half yearly.