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Account Types

Portfolio Margin is the account type I am using. The net liquidation value should remain above 100K USD, otherwise no more margin increasing trades can be made.

Maximum number of tickers has been exceeded

The minimum is 100 concurrent lines of data, and your maximum is calculated using the max of:

  • USD monthly commissions divided by 8
  • USD equity multiplied by 100 divided by $1,000,000. i.e. 1 line per $10,000 of equity.
  • 100

See How Market Data is Allocated

AQS Stock Loan and Borrow

2009-11-13: I'm trying this today because I want to see if I can loan out my stock that we're holding long term.

It takes a couple of days setting up. I've upgraded my account to Portfolio Margin, which is meant to lower the margin required by considering related positions.

Next task I had to do is request trading access separately.

2009-11-17: After getting trading access, it seems I cannot loan out my stock. The shares must be held by DTC, but my shares are held by IB.

2011-02-08: it seems that I can loan out now, but I still don't really understand the interest rates so I haven't bothered. Besides with interest rates so low it is probably not worth the effort.

2014-01-29: Instead of manually loaning out stock, you can get IB to do this on your behalf by signing up to the Stock Yield Enhancement program.


2011-02-08: Interactive Brokers now offer CFDs for UK stocks.

Stock Yield Enhancement

Instead of AQS, you can now let IB manage the lending out of your stock with a 50% commission. I won't look into this as interest rates are still close to 0. I wonder if they will lend out non-US stock. They call this the Stock Yield Enhancement Program.

To get an idea of how much you could earn, login to Account Management -> Manage Account -> Trade Configuration -> Permissions -> Trading Programs -> Stock Yield Enhancement Program (example)


EUR.ILS and USD.ILS were added, I will check if they can be traded and new positions can be opened.

2012-12-02. They have added CNH to the list of currencies supported in Forex.


US Treasures

US Treasures can be found using the symbol "US-T"