IG Markets

IG Markets run a CFD platform. They are listed on the LSE as IGG. The platform is run inside your browser and is based on yui js libraries. The charting library is a Java applet.

Spreads & Commissions

Service Issues

Sometimes they have spikes or bad data in their graphs. They have acknowledged this - I usually verify with another source if something looks amiss.


I'm only interested in ASX feeds. The requirements for free feed is 4 trades per calendar month (opening and closing both count). Otherwise fees are AU$37.50/month for non-professional. And AU$45.00/month for professional users.


Spot index are otc with igmarkets, and you can trade them out of normal hours.


Even if you have enough cash in your account, you're still borrowing when going long on stock CFD contracts. This means you're paying interest, even if you have enough cash to cover the underlying stock.

IG gives no interest on cash balances.

As for tax, this is all considered gambling and is tax free.

As of 2009, I no longer use this provider and shifted to Interactive Brokers.