2008-12-21 FTSE 100 down 5%

21 Jan, 2008. FTSE is down 5%, while the US is on holiday

I woke up today and thought I'd play around with the index.

I think I overtraded :P


Points I need to be aware of.

Don't set the stops so close. I had these at 5 at the start and 10 later on, sometimes they saved my ass, sometimes they just cost me. Today isn't a typical day of trading, so I will try again another day to determine a nice stop level.

Don't reenter a trade after getting stopped out. If its too late then let it go.

If there is no trend don't enter. e.g. 14:30.. macd is flat, but I entered anyway.

Check timeframes again.. This diagram is for 2 minutes maybe that is too short.

Overtrading. Commission was ?76, loss today was ?124, so over half was just comission!.