Sequence Analysis and Genomics

  1. Genome
  2. Central dogma of molecular biology
  3. RNA
  4. Transcription
  5. Transcriptional regulation
  6. Sequence Alignment
  7. Heuristic Sequence Alignment
  8. Multiple Sequence Alignment
  9. Grammars
  10. Pattern Recognition
  11. Phylogeny
  12. Protein domains
  13. Protein structure comparison
  14. Functional Prediction of DNA


Postgraduate is after Undergraduate

I am taking a postgrad bioinformatics course at Birkbeck in 2014.

Course site is at

Some more info is in Moodle, a system that provides things like lecture slides and other module info.


MCAT is an American/Canadian test for medical college.

Structural Bioinformatics

  1. Working with protein structures. structure quality.
  2. Structure Analysis and Comparison.
  3. Physical basis of protein structure & function
  4. Prediction Protein Structure for Sequence. Secondary prediction.
  5. Prediction Protein Structure for Sequence. Tertiary prediction.
  6. Protein interaction and assembly.
  7. Protein docking.
  8. Chemoinformatics.
  9. QSAR.
  10. structure based drug design.

Systems Biology

  1. Systems biology
  2. Proteomics
  3. Microarray
  4. NGS
  5. RNA-Seq


Inductive reasoning is looking for a trend or pattern then extrapolating.

Deductive reasoning is starting with known facts, and using logic to get to the answer.