Moving Home

List of steps needed after we moved home


2012-06-02. Bought some tools from Robert Dyas. Polyfilla tube for ?3.99, claw hammer for ?7.99, paint roller set for ?3.99

2012-06-03. Change of registered company address.

2012-06-03. Change of personal bank account address

2012-06-05. Ordered some dust masks. 3M 4251 costs ?19.95 each.

2012-06-05. Ordered a Bosch PMF 180 E all rounder, with 24 accessories. It includes a sander and cutter, and costs ?129.99

2012-06-06. Changed economist magazine address

2012-06-06. Changed personal bank account HSBC AU.

2012-06-06. Doctor address

2012-06-06. Phoned up bethere to install internet. Someone has to come around to setup the phone even though I already have a phone number according to the 17070 test phone number. This will happen in 2 weeks.

2012-06-06. Phoned up EDF for electricity. they took a metre reading over the phone and opened my account. I am keeping my existing account in my rented property. For gas, British Gas have to sort the initial connection. I've filled in an online form for this. EDF said they will provide the gas but have to wait for British Gas.

2012-06-06. Thames water still supplies my water. I've got 2 separate accounts now. My new place is a flat rate as it doesn't have a water meter. The customer rep on the phone compared last years bill and said I'd be better of on the flat rate.

2012-06-06. Got a council tax bill. It is strange that they know that we bought the place.

2012-06-07. Phoned up Camden council and told them the place is unoccupied so we shouldn't have to pay council tax just yet. They will send someone to check on the place to make sure it is unfurnished.

2012-06-07. Received my 3M dusk mask respirators. The cheap ones I picked up from Leyland weren't effective.

2012-06-07. Ordered a Bosch PSG 500 Impact Drill (?31.24 ex vat) and a 19 Piece Drill Bit Wrap (?6.54 ex vat).

2012-06-08. Received a council tax enquiry form in the mail, I have filled this out to tell them our place is currently unoccupied.

2012-06-08. Finally got the screw out that was glued into the wall. I had used a bosch drill to get it out the wall. Previous attempts with a hammer and nail had failed. I think a hacksaw may have been useful.

2012-06-09. I bought a wrench to remove a radiator during painting, but the nut is quite large. My 23mm wrench was not big enough. We are still using polyfilla to plug holes in the wall. I installed a doorstop in the bedroom.. this is the second use we've found for the drill. My bosch multi use sander / cutter also arrived today, but we haven't tried it yet.

2012-06-09. I have ordered a larger Stanley 090950 300mm MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench from Amazon. It costs ?12.62

2012-06-11. HSBC bank account wasn't changed cos I couldn't authenticate with my info. WIll try again tomorrow.

2012-06-11. Santander / Alliance & Leicester business account changed ok.

2012-06-11. Requested online change of address for interactive brokers. Their online form sdo not work so I have to phone them up.

2012-06-11. HSBC company account address wasn't changed. I'll have to go into a branch as I've forgotten my passwords.

2012-06-12. Visited the local HSBC branch and changed my address. Change company bank account HSBC is completed.

2012-06-12. Finally submitted a change request online for my interactive brokers accounts. I had to change the driver's licence to passport for it to be submitted.

2012-06-12. Went to Robert Dyas on Tottenham Court Road.. this store is bigger than the Covent Garden branch. Bought some more polyfilla for ?3.99, and another painting set for ?3.99.

2012-06-13. Yesterday we moved the wardrobe pieces downstairs. They have been collected by the council at the cost of ?25.

2012-06-14. I've linked my First Direct savings account against my offset mortgage account.

2012-06-14. We realised the carpet samples were incorrect, so we visited John Lewis and reordered them.

2012-06-15. Changed my personal address for Self Assessment

2012-06-15. Changed my business address for PAYE

2012-06-15. Changed my business address for VAT

2012-06-15. Changed starwoodhotels profile address.

2012-06-15. economist mag confirmed as changed.

2012-06-16. Painted bedroom with 2nd coat. Successfully removed the radiator, but couldn't remove the blinds.

2012-06-18. Accepted the estimate for carpet from John Lewis. The colour picked was tafetta.. the sample we received look a bit different to the shop floor sample. Each batch is dyed slightly differently, so hopefully it won't be too much different. They mail you A4 size samples so you can get a better idea or how it will look it your place.

2012-06-19. bethere had SMS'd saying my internet was ready, but after trying to set it up it turns out that we must be wait for the BT phone person to come setup the phone line.

2012-06-21. I went to Brussels so had Chelsie sort out the phone connection from BT. The phone guy gave us another outlet and connected us to another line, so now our ADSL sync speed is 15M instead of just 8M! I also have a new phone number.. it is not the same as what was quoted by the 17070 test number

2012-06-26. Bought a fireangel CO (carbon monoxide) detector. It costs ?25.99. To test it you can try an incense stick. Unlit gas from the stove doesn't trigger the alarm... it just smells like gas. If there is a gas leak don't expect the CO detector to help!

2012-06-27. We are now sleeping in the new place and computers have been setup. Waiting on carpet to arrive at the warehouse so we can schedule a fitting.

2012-06-27. Changed vodafone address online.

2012-06-28. Interactive brokers addresses changed.

2012-06-30. Changed google adsense company address.

2012-07-15. Went to display site. They have a lot of upholstered beds.

2012-07-16. Carpet has been installed. now the front door is touching the carpet when it opens. I should sand it down.

2012-07-17. Ordered a bed from

2012-07-18. Went to the local furniture store to see if we can find a table with tiles on the top, but they don't sell it anymore. Picked up a sheet of sandpaper from the local store for ?0.50.

2012-07-21. Movers spent 1 hr at ?60 to help us move a double mattress, 2 shelves and other items.

2012-07-31. Submitted change of address for driver's license online. I cut the photocard in 2 and mailed the paper counterpart back with the new address specified in the space at the bottom.

2012-08-05. Got my new driver's with updated address.

2012-08-14. Received some share certificates for the freehold company. The deed also now has our name on it.

2012-08-20. Intelligent life mag address switched

2012-08-20. Domains transferred to ovh, Changed web hosting account addresses. ovh, bottle, oneworldhosting.

2012-08-21. Had to chase up the solicitor to get the remainder of funds back. He confirms no more paperwork is needed!

2012-08-23. Cheque has arrived and has been deposited.

2012-08-20. Nectar address updated.

2012-09-09. Spent today cleaning up

2012-09-10. They started painting. lucky I have moved most of my stuff away. The prepayment keys for gas and electricity should be left for the next tenant.

2012-09-11. Handed keys back to Keaton's.

2012-09-12. Phoned up EDF and closed my gas and electricity accounts.

2012-09-13. Checked the water meter and phoned up Thameswater and closed my account. Phoned up Camden council and told them to start council tax at the new address.

2013-01-07. Updated my address for the company details at companies house.