Off to visit Australia for 7 weeks.


Bought 4 new keys (2x2) from Franchi. This costs ?7.99 all up.


End of an exciting week for US stocks. Commodities took a huge fall this week, I've purchased more BHP

Ate at Cottons near Angel.


Shorting in financial stocks has been banned in the UK, US.

Finance stocks down then up again. There is a rumour the US govt will provide a fund to help out the banks.



My project for S7 airlines has finally gone live! couple of bugs outstanding, but nothing major. I'm glad its over.


Dad went back home on Friday.

Today we met up with Dave & Marina and watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Finchley road cinemas are nice but a bit of a hassle to get to.


Watched CSI 315 last time, good episode, they got rid of the British girl.

I also received another paper spam from Euro Millones Loteria. Scams from Europe look quite interesting.

We ate at Fine Burger Co. The simplest burger is ?5.45 - it is ok. Pickles ?1. The onion rings are nice but very oily. Postmix coke ?1.75, OJ .. not sure where it came from, but that costs ?2.60.


Back from Manila again!


Fed cuts 0.50%.


IGMarkets seems to have closed their trading. must be something broken. Fed cuts 0.75% in a day.


Back at work again after visiting Bung in Seattle.

Sun buys MySQL, Oracle buys BEA. Got my HSBA div today too.

My new Corsair RAM arrived. Now I have 4G, which is max for a 32bit system. I've also got anoctua fan. Nice and quiet :) Someone can probably sleep in this room now

Playing wow again!