Janurary 2007

Its getting colder, but the days are getting longer.

Woke up late and went to see the London new year's day parade . Not really my thing. Every second act was either vintage cars, a marching band, or winners of a beauty pagent (for kids).

Picked up a set of screwdrivers to open up my Inspirion 8200 as the fan is making loud noises. I need a replacement. The fan is made up of 2 separate fans, and is controllable a homemade fan software called I8kfanGUI . This is great, I can turn off one fan and leave the other one on maximum until I get these replaced.


First day back at work, unlike some people (nattnee) I don't get bored and have lots of other things I'd rather do besides working. But, I still like working!

Tried to get a coffee from the guy outside Kentish Town tube but he wasn't there today. This was around 9:30am, how early do I need to be.. or is he still on holidays.

Ate McDonalds for lunch. One big mac and a chicken burger. Its about £2 per burger.

Got the number 4 bus back from Waterloo to Tuffnell Park. This takes too long, the tube is much faster. The bus driver has to wait as bus stops to keep time.

Spicy instant noodles and the chinese cabbage. I think I am fed up with this brand with the dried mussles.

Sent a request to incorporate out limited company today. £32

Also paid my thames water bill. not sure if I should've registered or just kept using water. Its going to be about £100 per quarter.


Worked late from home today. Bug fixing..


Left work early and went to Chinatown to pick up some groceries. Groceries arrived late from Waitrose/ocado.

Entered NIL balances for the 4 months for MagicMonster Pty Ltd. Had to phone up arf via skype and I forgot my phone password but she let me have a new online login anyway.

Submitted the online for a HSBC business bank account.


Ate a huge lamb kebab for lunch today £5.40 and was too much food. Must remember not to eat kebab again unless I am really really hungry.


Bought the guardian newspaper. going to compare it with the Observer tomorrow

Went to a Malaysian place near Edgeware Road station. Lots of food but the rendang was a bit tough. Everything else was nice!.


Saw apocalypto today. very violent and gory and it got a bit tiresome towards the end.


Setup an appointment for a national insurance number. They want proof of contracts as I said I was self employed.


Ate a steamed salmon fish with soya sauce for dinner.


Updated company page after HSBC called me.

Had 2 coffees today and ate at Wagamama's in Waterloo.

Bought some nice coriander plant. Hope it doesn't die too quickly