Ate at sweet & spicy again. Off to Seattle on Sunday.


permanent got fired today, no notice (go take 4 weeks paid leave). HMM


The BOE cut rates by 0.25%.

"There is no perfect solution". The US Government announced a bail out for home owners that are defaulting on their loans, by giving them an rate freeze (lower) interest rate. So much for a free market. The rates frozen were the 'teaser' rates, where you start your home loan with a very low rate but it reverts back to standard variable in a couple of years. That couple of years is now.

close that paper trade. FMG 5680, BHP 4369


Listening to Garbage, I remembered I get annoyed when someone says "I could care less", instead of "I couldn't care less". i.e. (carefactor=0). It simply makes no sense! Here is a good great article on the "I could care less" phrase.


Kevin Rudd (Labor) wins the Australian federal election.


Paper trade, short FMG at 5920, long BHP at 4186.


Went to the DVLA in Wimbledon. It costs ?49 (?45 fee, ?4 to process passport on the spot instead of sending it away) per person.


Bought tickets to Seattle for over xmas. Should've bought them yesterday, I should know. had to pay another ?300 per ticket.


RIO is up 20% after BHP revealed a takeover offer. Lucky I am not short.


Oneworld hosting had a longer than expected migration. I think I didn't lose any mails so I am happy. Will be interesting to see what their reasons were or if they give any free time or refunds.

I had KFC for dinner. ?10 for 10 pieces. and it comes with 4 small chips. It is not any cheaper without the chips so I might as well have them.

The market is down a lot, currently I am -?600 on a trade.. hmmm

Tried to get my drivers license, but the post office is useless. I am going to go the DVLA instead as I don't want to send my passport via post. I got passport photos done (I shaved just for this), ?3.50 for a set of 4. And the dude tried to sell us a calendar postcard for ?1.50 but I didn't want it, but he made it anyway. I now have a stupid postcard picture of my monster, who is not smiling because you're not meant to smile in your driver's license.

The crazy misanthropic Finnish school shooter's video features KMFDM's Stray Bullet for the music. I guess this is more bad press for them.

2007-11-01 Thursday

igmarkets have a new dealing platform called PureDeal. it looks quite nice. I think the UI has been created using yahoo yui js components.


HSI looks overpriced, but I think chinese investors may be a bit crazy, so I won't short.


Yum cha at Elephant & Castle.

DST. Sydney is +11 already of London now. This means the asx opens at 11pm london time.


8am conference. Went out for a coffee after, and got some free Wrigley's 'extra fusion' gum. Looks nice and I haven't tried it. Someone told me that Wrigley's WWY has a monopoly on chewing gum, might look into it later.


Borough markets again. latte ?2, chorizo sandwich, sundried tomatoes, tabouleh, and a snapper. Applebees has 2 shop fronts - one stall, and one in the normal shopfront. I bought the snapper from the stall, and its a bit dodgy that they can gut + clean it in a stall.


I put in a order for more dvds from yesasia. I am getting death note movies, Frugal Game (free :P) and Dororo.

Went out to Angel Islington with Vicky. For lunch we ate at a Thai restaurant called Isarn. I'd go back to that place again.


It is cold once again. I accidentally added soya into my coffee. blehhhhhhhh


Vicky, Chels' friend's sister is staying with us while she gets setup in London.


Forgot to have coffee today. Went to see 'Knocked Up' with Foo. This movie had close ups of an emerging baby. gross :P

Fed has cut rates by 50 bps, which helps my current position. :)


Rode up to Highgate then through Hampstead Heath to Golder's Green. I nearly ran over a squirrel coming back. I am also disappointed with the fish I bought to eat steamboat with, now my kitchen still smells like fish.


Picked up accessories for my bike. Lights, lock and gloves.

Domain Registry of America, 189 Queen St, Suite 209, Melblourne Vic 3000. sent some spam about domain renewal. Lucky I know enough not to pay, although my parents don't and were nearly scammed!


Bought my bicycle today! now I can save money on transport.