2006 December

Started work, and will move into a flat and try to settle down.


Picked up my credit card today. It has a limit which is way too high.. I wonder if there is a way to limit it. Went to see Dinosaur jr tonight.


I followed someone through the turnstyles at South K tuf styles at Gloucester Road a bit too fast and tthey shut on me. Had to go around to the attendent. There seems to be a lot of tourists and lost people around 10am at this tube station.

Ate curry again for lunch. Tomorrow we will buy warm clothes.


Went to Kensington High St and bought some warm clothes. Now I have special gloves with some fabric made by 3M, and a nice black coat.

At at Wagamama, it was very full even at 3pm, and we had to wait 5 mins for a seat.


Ate at C&R near Chinatown today. Mains are around 6 pounds each.


Christmas Party

EB2's Christmas party was pretty good. Had drinks at Longue Lover (its really expensive!!!), then headed off to Fiction. Not enough girls at Fiction though :)


Moving day

Said farewell to the shoebox serviced apartment we stayed in in South Kensington, and moved up to Kentish Town. Managed to get here on the tube no worries, but I've just contracted the flu.


Spaghetti Bolognase

Made spaghetti bolognase today, the mince was a bit fatty.


Flu nearly gone

I've had the flu for the past week. I'm guessing it came from the tube as everyone is coughing down there. Nearly 100% again

Merry Xmas!

Eaten a roasted turkey, smoke salmon and christmas pudding

Importing Eudora to Thunderbird

I'm finally getting 'round to consolidating my email clients. Its taken a few hours for Thunderbird to import 1.6 of Eudora mail. Lucky I'm doing this when I have spare time.

2006-12-31 New Years Eve

Woke up very late today, at 2pm. Went down to caffe nero again, and bough a copy of The Observer. It seems like an OK read. Saddam was hung today, even though they said he would be hung, I thought it would take months before it even happened.

heh Suddam quote: "Go to hell", "The hell that is Iraq?"

Instead of going into the city for fireworks we opted for Hamstead Heath, which is just up the road. Had a nice view, although it was a bit muddy. People were lighting fireworks on top of the hill and that was close so was kinda fun. At midnight we could see several setse of fireworks. I wonder how many of these are unofficial.

Couldn't sleep that night because I woke up way too late