2006 November

Planning to move to London in the middle of this month.


Went to Natt and Eric's wedding today. The ceremony was held outdoors in the Botanical Gardens, and the dinner reception was held at the Tea Room upstairs of the QVB.

Saturday parking at the QVB is $20 flat rate.

We visited the Lindt chocolate cafe in Martin Place to kill time in between, then visited Pat and watched Zoolander


Our uni certificates have arrived again, after the HSMP office misplaced them. That's one more thing off my to do list!


Found a green grocer cicada out the front of the house today. Nice and loud.

Went for bbq chicken and chips for lunch, met up with a friend recovering from some brain damage stroke problem, but don't worry he'll get better.

Went to dinner at hoho in Carlingford with our families.

Lots of packing today


Finally arrived in the UK. Landed at 5:15 am after 24 hrs of flying. I slept on the 2nd flight and am trying to see how long I can stay awake today.

Using someone's unsecured wireless internet. hello!! :P

Didn't have any trouble at the immigration point.

It cost 4POUNDS single to Gloucester Road from the Airport.

I bought an Oyster card today. ?3 deposit, ?50 topup


Met up with EB2 colleagues stationed in London. Pontentially we will be doing some more work for them here, but probably from our apartment when we get it. There is no room left in their office!!

Wandered around Swiss Cottage, cold and raining. Its a nice residential area, very safe but rather boring.


Purchased a UK Atlas today.

Visited Shepherd's Bush, Covent Garden, Camden today.