2006 October

Staying in Cherrybrook and planning our move to London.


Went for a bushwalk around Cherrybrook today. Ran into 4 kids drinking/smoking, then also saw a kangaroo, which I don't usually see around here.


Labour day public holiday today. Sharemarket was still open.

Drove down to Maroubra beach, and swam for 5 minutes. It was a bit too cold for me.


Called up super because I noticed an extra $3500 was deposited into my account from an OSF rollover. I called up ARF, then OSF, then ARF again. Eventually they opened an investigation because neither party could resolve this over the phone. Hopefully I can keep it, my conscience is clear because I tried :)

My HSMP application was successful!!! this is after I had to request for review because I couldn't get an official letterhead from my old employer. This is a huge relief because now we don't have to visit London on a working holiday visa (1 yr work max, 2 yr max stay).


At at Ramen Kan tonight, then drove Chels' siblings back home after their Foo Fighters concert at the Opera House.

Dinner cost was: Tan Tan Ramen $9.90, ButterCorn Ramen $9.90, Green tea milk $4.50, Asahi Beer $6.90!


Mobile phone can call 000, 112, 08 when locked. Some of these are emergency numbers so I haven't tried to call them.


I tried a James Boag today, very clean tasting, but made me really really sleepy.


Bought a copy of battlefield2 today. I couldn't find Games Wizard in Castle Hill anymore so had to go into the EB. cost was $70


Been playing battlefield2 a lot. And I know have a xfire account for chatting during games.


Morning tea today was banana bread.

For dinner we had Genghis Khan at Chatswood for dinner, with Bunj, Atul, Mark & Rachel.


Went to Maroubra beach today. I'm going to miss the sunshine when I go to London.


Went into the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and ordered an official marriage certificate as the one from the church was not official enough.

The quickest they can do is 1hr but I wasn't going to wait around for that. The next level is 24 hr pickup.


Picked up our marriage certificate then sent it off to the Visa section in Canberra.

Express post code $5.10 for an A4 sized envelope.


Free parking at Westfields Bondi Junction after 5pm. Watched Children of Men.

Bought a book of 10 adult tickets for $115. They expire in a year instead of 6 months.


Got a haircut .zzzzzzz. $33 and the quick massage is nice :)

Kam Fook in Chatswood because my Dad got a dinner reward from work.


Going to try cycle everyday (or night really), clockwise around Shepherd's drive and Purchase road.

Decided not to purchase an Telstra shares. If you are only guaranteed 2000 shares that is about $7500 at today's prices.


Went with Chels to the dentist, she has to go for root canal treatment!

Went to work, sat there an hour, then came home. I have gastro


Slept for a very long time, and would only be awake for 1 hour at a time. I was very dehydrated, none of the p seemed to be getting absorbed. Next time I'm going to try salt and see if that helps me retain water.

Being dehydrated is not fun, I experienced headaches, and also recurring dreams.

Lost about 3kg because of this sickness.


Finished my personal tax. Again I have left this to the nearly the laste day.

Went out to Market City food court for dinner, had mongolian beef, which tastes the same as lamb with all that sauce on it. Then had dessert at Sofitel.