2006 September


As if I need to show ID. I'm now 10 years old enough to purchase alcohol.

We bought lots of fish today from Claudio's Seafood at the Fish Markets!

Fish purchases
Fish Cost
4 Blue Swimmer crabs $21.09
600g MediumTiger Prawns $8.57
500g Large King Prawns $11.66
1kg Atlantic Salmon Fillets $22.88
12 Pacific Oysters $12.90
12 Sydney Rock Oysters $12.90


Went to the airport to refund some air tickets. Cathay Pacific has an Airport Ticket Office, but for Vietnam Airlines I'll have to go into the city. Car parking at the airport cost $13.

I tried changing my Vietnamese dong at Travelex but they wouldn't change more than 100000. ANZ opened a currency exchange and they accepted more notes. I'm still stuck with the 10000 and smaller.